Tobermory 21 1995 The Whisky Agency

Tobermory 21 TWS.jpg

This year has been interesting and a time of new “firsts” for me. No, I didn’t get drilled in the ass, however thanks for asking.

One of the actual things I accomplished is I was part of a group that released their own bottling. And for that, I’m quite proud, even if I played a small part (I helped okay the dram at a tasting, it’s a tough life for me).

So let’s break down each portion of this one, because I can: Heads & Tails is a importer in Canada, and one of two total. They focus on bringing in whiskies that they only feel are good enough to be in their own shelves.

After meeting with myself, /u/devoz , and /u/muaddib99 , the company head had an idea of what to choose for us. It wasn’t easy, as our tastes are quite different. And I’m typically incorrect, or…

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