Three Glenfarclas Whiskies (20 105, 30, 40)

Thank you to /u/scotchable/u/tishpickle, and /u/xile_ for these samples, respectively.

Glenfarclas has been written about quite a few times. One of two distilleries that, when I try them, I think “So this was in sherry, right?” However unlike Aberlour, they also work in ex-Bourbon, and as such, I usually lean towards Glenfarclas.

However there’s some holes in my reviews of the Glenfarclas range, and I felt that needed to change, because… reasons. I don’t know, I am a nerd and never thought I’d have the chance to try the 40 year, and then ended up with a sample, so I saved it until I was on vacation and had at least the 30.

Then I fluked out and ended up with the 105 20, which at one point I hadn’t heard the best, and then recently had heard better.

So let’s see how these sherry-cask-philiacs did with…

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