Bowmore No. 1

Bowmore No 1 2.jpg

Was on vacation, and out on the town. So we stopped into the Griffin Gastropub, because we stop in at pubs on vacation.

And while they have an amazing array of beers, I wasn’t so much feeling a beer. Again, not for lack of selection. More so because I was bloated. And on my period.

Yeah, I’m a guy, why?

Anyway, so I walked in, and notice a whisky I’ve never had. Thus I must order it, otherwise I’m not truly a person anymore in my own mind. Note I don’t apply this to anyone else. Because that’d be being a jerk. So I am a jerk to me. Yeah, I’m working on it, and you should too. Love yourself.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, on vacation. So I walk in, and see Bowmore No. 1. What does that mean? Well at Bowmore they have a vault named…

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