Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC10, PC11, PC12

As I stare onto a blank page, the white burning my sleep deprived eyes and my liver cursing me over and over again, I am reminded that I’m not young anymore.

Then I realize that I was never “young”, in that way. Age, for me, didn’t affect how well I could drink all night and bounce back the next day. I always needed my sleep. Turns out being on a party bus for four hours and drinking for eight makes for slow brain thinking. However that’s a concern for my fellow PUBG players, not you.

It does tie into the whiskies we’re reviewing today: The Bruichladdich Port Charlotte series is one that we’ve seen bouncing around for awhile now. Bruichladdich entered into a new area with this series all those years ago: They went from the non-peated or lightly peated whiskies they typically make and decided to join the peat…

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