Angel’s Envy 2013 Collection

Every so often I end up sorting all of my whiskey.

Sorry ladies, I’m taken, I know how the last statement got you all a twitter. And some of the gents too. I’m taken there too.

So I’m sorting my whiskey, living the high life, and noticed some samples at the very back. And a full bottle. All marked with “2013”. And then I realized I was a tad behind on them.


So I pulled them out and gave myself a reward for sorting. Once I was done masturbating, I then poured some bourbon.

So this is the complete line-up from 2013. In my defence, while there is variation between years, this should show as a snapshot of what is was like. At least.


Oh well. Angel’s Envy is made by the Louisville Distilling Company, which is owned by Bacardi.

This whisky was made by Lincoln Henderson and…

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