Speyside 43 1973 The Whisky Agency

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I was privileged enough to go to the Toronto Whisky Society’s recent tasting, in which we were able to serve five different high end malts, all of which are available at the Kensington Wine Market, where a member was able to pick it up and bring it back to us.

Much like horror movies and going to team training exercises there’s an element of mystery and confusion with our next malt. Who will survive, and who will hate their life by the end? Who will be psychologically scarred? And will the two people who have sex first be the first to drop out?

Speyside 43 1973 The Whisky Agency is a mystery malt. While trying this, it was hinted at that this was brewed by Norman Bates… No, wait, I’m screwing up reality and my metaphor. It is hinted that this was Glenfarclas at one point, however either on purpose…

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