Very Fine Old Tennessee Bourbon 13 2003 The Whisky Agency

Very Fine Old Tennessee Bourbon 13 2003 The Whisky Agency.jpg

I was privileged enough to go to the Toronto Whisky Society’s recent tasting, in which we were able to serve five different high end malts, all of which are available at the Kensington Wine Market, where a member was able to pick it up and bring it back to us.

American whiskey has it’s own flavours, it’s own types, and it’s own style. A mixture of location, methods, mashbills, and a smart government requirement makes for uniqueness.

However much like that one guy who collected butterflies in class, uniqueness means some people don’t quite understand you. Granted there’s usually a list of people to murder from that other guy, and not so much for bourbon.

Thus why a lot of Europeans who are used to Scotch have trouble with Bourbon. Heck, I had the same issue, and I at least live close to America and have a father who loves…

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