Mystery M3 (The Smoked Series)

Mystery Smoked 3.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz and /u/xile_ for this sample

Quick recap, if you haven’t read the last 2 reviews (Skip to the Bold part that says “START HERE” otherwise).

Recently I made a point of stating that, if given an Arran, I’d identify the profile. This started both devoz and xile_ thinking, which is never good for me.

You see, recently devoz acquired a smoke gun. From what little I understand of it, it’s a gun that shoots smoke. Because he’s amazing at cocktails. And that’s needed.

So they took this as a challenge. What I should have said was “I can identify an Arran profile from a whisky that hasn’t been fucked around with, specifically by a smoke gun”. Oh well, hindsight.

As such, I was handed three samples, blind. No idea what they were. At all. I knew they were alcohol, and samples to be reviewed. Beyond that? Could…

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