Aberfeldy 18

Aberfeldy 18 1.jpg

Thanks to /u/smoked_herring for this dram.

So, back to Aberfeldy 18 after moving some things aside! Why? Because they have a hipster based label and I need to keep reviewing them.

Aberfeldy 18 is a travel retail version, coming in a 1L size and enticing you to buy alcohol before you’ve had your morning coffee and after you’ve had your morning strip search by a complete stranger.

That’s called a “Malay Handshake” in other parts of the country.

Luckily you and I can now purchase this product without having to go through multiple levels of security. As it bares repeating multiple times, the Travel Retail space is usually not a friendly one, with whiskies that are rare for a reason.

That said, I’d certainly be remiss to not mention some good has come from the travel retail, and sometimes a diamond comes out of the rough.

And no, I’m not…

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