Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 10 year (1st and 2nd Edition)

Thanks to /u/throwboats for both of these samples.

It is said that every person, no matter how minor or prolific in what they do for fun, will miss something. There will be a racing nerd who has never seen the Montreal Indy; a D&D nerd who never fought frost giants; a computer gaming nerd who has no idea why the fuck anyone talks about cake; and a whisky nerd who misses a large segment of Bruichladdich.

I’m not just talking about a 6 part series that they brought out in 2002 that included 18 year old whiskies that were sternly looked at by a sommelier who was drinking cranberry juice while riding an oxen. No, I’m speaking of Port Charlotte.

So I decided that, when I had a chance, I’d review a bunch of the Port Charlotte in batches that made sense.

Port Charlotte is the lineup from Bruichladdich that…

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