Amrut Spectrum 004

Amrut Spectrum 004.jpg

Took a break from doing multi reviews of a whole bunch of Port Charlotte. And of course, by “took a break”, I mean I showed up to a tasting, where additional whisky was being served.

Amrut Spectrum 004 is the second Spectrum on the market, made by those wacky Indian whisky makers out in… well, India. Kinda wrote myself into a corner there.

But why do I call them wacky? Well mostly due to the fact that they seem to truly understand whisky, their location, and how the two mix together.

So think of India. It’s like thinking about Britain, except doesn’t imply marital rape. It’s warm, it’s not know as a whisky maker (historically), and it has a history of British colonialism. Add to that that it’s rapidly growing in terms of money and you have the perfect storm for whisky.

However the fact that it does not have…

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