Amrut 8 Greedy Angels II

Amrut Greedy Angels 8 II.jpg

Whisky has had an interesting effect on culture. Let’s take religion, and the use of the term “Angel’s Share”.

Before people really understood alcohol and how it evaporated, they made up an idea that the angel’s were stealing some of it. Now either they really believed this or someone who’s a lot more witty than the average person made it up. I tried looking it up however a comedy drama kept coming up and I got annoyed.

None the less, this idea that angel’s love slow aged whisky at 2% a year is fascinating. Angel’s in the Christian sense aren’t human at all. They’re creepy and weird. However through time they’ve become more human, all to the point where they steal alcohol and everyone is like “yeah, that makes sense”.

In warmer country’s this angel share is quite high. This brings us to Amrut 8 Greedy Angels II. After…

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