Compass Box 25th Anniversary Kensington Wine Market

Compass Box KWM.jpg

I’ve written before about Kensington Wine Market, a store in Alberta that has quite a whisky selection and is one of the places that I hit up when I’m out west.

I’ve also written quite a bit about Compass Box. Lately I’ve seen a sad drop in quality from their offerings, however I still like what they are doing, what they are pushing for.

As such, when I heard about Compass Box 25th Anniversary Kensington Wine Market, I expected more Clynelish in it. However since it was at KWM, I thought I’d look into it.

Originally this was suppose to be named “Fort Whoop-Up”, a notorious 19th century Alberta trading post. And that’s quite Canadian I think, us having a notorious trading post. It sounds quaint until you hear about illegal booze trading that went on, which based on how Canada acts about booze, is comparative to attempting to…

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