Glenburgie SMWS 71.41 “Curious and intriguing”

Glenburgie SMWS 71.41 "Curious and intriguing".jpg

It’s an odd situation to talk about an up and coming distillery.

On the one hand, reviewers are a bunch of vain people who think everyone reads them. I, myself, am amongst this group, and you can thank god for that.

Our vanity is fuelled by reviewing whiskies we enjoy to say “Hey, someone else made something and I, someone you trust, reviewed it, so give me some of the credit.” So we search out whisky, hoping to find it first.

That’s great, right? However on the other hand, if we tell you about the distillery that we like, you may listen to us. The worst case scenario is our over-inflated egos are correct for once and we can’t find any whisky from the distillery anymore.

So that’s where I stand with Glenburgie. Some single casks have shown up and surprised me. Have I had any OBs? No, not at…

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