Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Triple Review – The OBs

Thanks to /u/throzen and /u/scotchable for these drams.

This last year I’ve done the unthinkable: I made a 31 part multi review. I ended up learning a lot about my own reviews from writing and drinking that. For one, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. As well, I should split up my multi reviews unless very necessary.

Lucky for me, I had already been planning out my next “mega” multi-review. And as such, I needed to split them up. Thus we come to the Port Charlotte whiskies that were released from the original bottler, or rather, the OB.

That’s the tie that binds here. Bruichladdich Port Charlotte is still fairly new, and we’re still seeing how it grows. It’s from Islay, from a distiller that didn’t make a typical Islay, and it’s the closest thing that Bruichladdich has made to the terroir of the Island.

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