Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Triple Review – The IBs

Thanks to /u/xile_ for the sample of the last one.

Independent bottlers are a boon that I think I take for granted. I’ve had quite a few IB scotches. And the odd thing is I now go back to OB scotches, and while some are still interesting, you can really feel the effect of the industry on the whisky.

Whisky, in our capitalistic society, is expected to turn a profit. And companies will always aim for the highest profit. Which is why Dark Matter was cancelled even though it was amazing.

Fucking SyFy network.

So we’re lucky that our nerdom has a group that can make money and still release things that major companies can’t. And even try out things that others can’t.

But are they better? Well my last post was the OBs from Port Charlotte, how are the IB ones Port Charlotte?

Port Charlotte 6 Darkness 2.jpgBruichladdich Port Charlotte 6 Darkness! PX…

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