Ledaig 11 Signatory Cask Strength Collection

Ledaig 11 Signatory First Fill Sherry 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing this dram with me.

Recently I wrote about my trepidation about writing about Glenburgie. They were on the rise.

Today we see another distillery, Ledaig, that had a similar situation. While others were excited and cheering about Laphroaig or Ardbeg, this little Island whisky slowly made it’s way up. It helps too that the unpeated version, Tobermory, had a niche, love hate relationship, with people who enjoyed it agreeing on the flavour notes of “butthole” with those that did not, and the two merely arguing if it’s a good note.

Thus today we review yet another Ledaig. It has the ideas behind it of a hit: Peated. Sherry cask. First fill.

However will Ledaig 11 Signatory Cask Strength Collection be yet another great whisky, or something that some will hold up to battle the hype?

Which hype? The hype about the kid’s show High School…

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