Whistlepig 12 Old World

Whistlepig 12 Old World 2.jpg

Thanks to Mark Bylok from the Whisky Topic for this sample. No pressure, however they have a pretty cool podcast, so I recommend checking it out.

Whistlepig is an interesting whiskey. They source from different places. In the case of Whistlepig 12 Old World, the original 12 year old 95% rye was distilled by MGP in Indiana.

However unlike other 12 year old ryes, this whiskey has had some experimentation applied to it. In the case of Whistlepig 12 Old World, they finished the rye in different barrels that formerly held different wines. Once they are done being finished (probably while Ed Boon yells “Toasty” and we all try to remember the ridiculous button combination to the Fatality), they then marry the three together.

The amount used is balanced to the flavours. Then it’s watered down to below cask strength.

So let’s see how a rye that has…

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