Glenfiddich 12 Caoran Reserve

Glenfiddich 12 Caorun Reserve.jpg

It’s my wife’s birthday. Thus we went to a place that had food she liked. Somehow she’s only brought to places with great whisky selections. Thus we ended up at Via Allegro. Which has a massive amount of whisky. And by that I mean they’ve won the award for best whisky list by multiple places.

So enough about my wife’s Stockholm syndrome in our marriage.

I go to order. And I’ve been planning this one for awhile. Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s time for me to review Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix.

Wait, why isn’t that bolded?

Oh fuck, it’s out.

So I’m a little sad, however the expert sommelier and whisky specialist tells me “I have another Glenfiddich that you’ll enjoy, I promise.” And I trust him, because there’s some people you should trust, and an award winning person in charge of a whisky choosing a whisky for you is that…

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