Green Spot Léoville Barton

Green Spot Leoville Barton 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/throzen for the sample

Irish whiskey is an interesting gauge of how experienced a whiskey drinker is.

Allow me to explain: I don’t mean that if you don’t like Irish whiskey you aren’t a true whiskey snob, whatever the fuck that means.

What I mean is after experiencing a few different levels of Irish whiskey, my Irish scores changed. They increased, some decreased. Part of this is because I live in the part of Canada that hates alcohol and only brings in the most popular Irish whiskies, with Jameson being the main one. Well, other than one time a year.

Yes, during the weeks after St. Patrick’s Day, the LCBO has a slightly better selection of Irish whiskey. Why after? They aren’t that bright.

This year they ended up with Green Spot Léoville Barton after the holiday where everyone buys Irish whiskey. This is one of the newer…

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