Mystery Scotch Review #1 from /u/devoz [Scotch review #750]

Bruichladdich 24 1996 Cadenhead 2.JPG

Thank you to /u/devoz for a random mystery for this milestone dram.

This is the first of many celebratory drams that I am having for my 750th Scotch reviews. Turns out I’ve had quite a few milestones so I have to stretch these out.

Also I have some high end drams to drink. I know, it’s a rough life. You all are happy I live with it.

So up first we have a mystery. Why a mystery? Because I suck at mysteries and need to get better.

So I’m poured this sample blind, with no idea what it is at all. It’s suppose to be in line with what I’ve been reviewing quite a bit of.

So if I was smarter, I’d think Bruichladdich. However if I was that bright then I’d be better at mysteries and not doing a mystery for #750.

So with that circular logic flowing and…

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