Adelphi Breath of Speyside 2006 [MYSTERY]

Breath of Speyside 2006 1.jpg

Thank you to /u/devoz for yet another mystery for this particular milestone.

So we had a mystery, an old whisky from a distillery I love, and a screw up with numbers. So of course, we have to have another mystery. Because screwing up is what I do best. Bouncing back after crawling into a ball and deciding my life is horrible is second to that.

So both devoz and /u/xile_ have been waiting to hand me this sample.

I know, it’s rough being me.

So this one is so good that it had to be held back from reviewing by two reviewers so I could be surprised by it. Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Breath of Speyside 2006 2.jpgPrice: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Speyside

Vintage: 2006

Bottled: 2017

Stated Age: 10 years

Cask Type: First Fill Sherry Butt

Number of Bottles: 541

Abv: 58.4%

Colour: 5Y 8/10

Nose: Peach funk for…

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