J.P. Wiser’s Custom Blend by Bryan Vanderkruk

JP Wisers Custom Blend.jpg

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for this sample.

More so than normal, I have to thank him quite a bit. You see, recently as part of the Toronto Whisky Society, he was sent down to Windsor. And not for the usual punitive reasons one goes to Windsor. No, this was part of celebrating the launch of Wiser’s grand opening of the brand centre.

And joking aside, as someone who lived in Windsor for 5 years to go to school there, I can say there’s fun parts of the city, and the different distilleries in the area add to it.

As part of this trip, muaddib99, who does quite a bit for our society, was given the chance to make his own version of a Wiser’s whisky. For those of you not in the know, a Canadian whisky is made by creating separate whiskies from each grain used, and then blending them…

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