Strathmill 35 A.D. Rattray

Strathmill 35 3.jpg

Thanks to /u/cake_my_day for this sample

Strathmill. Don’t hear about it often, eh? It’s used in blends by Diageo like J&B. It was setup during the whisky boom of the 90s. The 1890s, that is. Used to be a mill. So there’s a few reasons why we don’t hear about them, right?

However if you have that mentality about whisky, I can frankly say you’re doing it wrong. Yes, I know that’s not okay to say in any hobby. It screams gatekeeping. And personally, lately, I’ve been confused as to my “role” in all this. I started out as the silly pop culture guy who drank to write. Now I have reviews and people look to me as some sort of expert. I also suffer from depression and don’t have the best self confidence, so that runs counter to how I feel about myself.

So perhaps I should step back…

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