Tamnavulin 22 1992 Small Batch Cadenhead’s

Tamnavulin 22 Cadenhead 3.jpg

Thanks to /u/kinohead for the sample

So there I am, like any older Millennial, owning a smart phone just so I can talk to my friends using 12 different apps. And one of them pops up.

It’s Kinohead. Yes, I know his real name, however we’ll keep him as his reddit name for now, just incase he’s actually wanting to keep his anonymity. Remember what that is? That thing that keeps you from losing your life based on a single mistake you’ve made? Yeah, that.

And he asks me “You ever had a Tamnavulin?”

Of course, being the introverted pervert that I am, I assume this involves three people, a trombone, and perhaps some coffee scented oil. Maybe some drugs before hand. And of course, light stretching.

“No, it’s a whisky. A Scotch. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

So I immediately go to my whiskies, and find out…

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