Compass Box Glasgow Blend

Compass Box Glasgow Blend 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/throzen for the sample.

I recently went on and on about blends, stating how much I enjoy going back to them even though the scores are typically lower.

Note I say “typically” there, to denote a time when they aren’t lower, and to raise suspicion in my reader.

See, I too took English in high school, and I listened enough to eventually get an 80 on stuff and things.

I am, of course, talking about Compass Box (and my understanding of Hamlet). The current leaders of blended malt and blended whisky as far as most whisky nerds are concerned (feel free to disagree, I’d love to know of alternatives and try them too), Compass Box is one of those companies that I have built a connection to (in liking their products, not a personal one).

They are pushing out the old ways of the SWA that bar knowing…

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