The Bruichladdich Still Series

Thanks to /u/Whiskyjig and /u/xile_ for the samples.

Hi all, back again with a series that’s not really around anymore.

Back when I wasn’t an experienced amateur and was more of a completely ignorant whisky amateur, I happened in Scotland. And like most people who aren’t reviewing constantly, I didn’t realize that those Golden, Red, and super Black bottles of Bruichladdich were anything special.

Yeah, I’m kinda dim. But I make lots of mistakes, learn from them, and keep going. Thus I succeed.

The “Still” Series is made up of 20+ year whiskies that stick out on a shelf so much even a blind fool can see them.

If it sounds like I’m being hard on myself, I am only because… well I’m annoyed I waited this long to have these. However maybe I wasn’t ready yet. So maybe it’s okay.

Note that these whiskies predate the Black Arts series…

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