High West Rendezvous Rye Boulevardier Finish

High West Rendezvous Rye Boulvardier Finish 2.jpeg

Thanks to /u/Saba007 for sharing this one with us.

I have a bit of a confession. No, I am not the most recent person to be taken down in the Hollywood scandals. I’m not close enough to being famous enough.

Oh, and I’m also not a creep. I know that comes as a surprise, however my crass, edgy jokes are just that: Jokes. It can be hard to get that these days, and please note that I’ll be making these reviews more positive as time goes on, given the current climate.

The Confession: I’m not really into cocktails. Yes, I was a bartender for a few years, and yes, I loved making cocktails. They were like miniature baked goods that didn’t require me to eat 2000 calories to consume (other than the now infamous Cola Bear cocktail).

However as time went on I discovered sugar filled mixes gave me quick…

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