High West Double Rye! Manhattan Finish Barrel 2934

High West Double Rye 1.jpg

Thank you to /u/Throzen for sharing this one with all of us.

Manhattans are my fathers and my drink of choice. Here’s the thing: My father tried one of these back when he was 18. Legally, in Quebec, at the World’s Fair. And he loved it so much, he knew it was his drink.

Well, he knew that 30 years later when someone served one as good as the first one he had, and he immediately found out that he loved it so much because he loved Bourbon and no one had ever told him the first ones at the expo were made with bourbon.

Thus is quite funny that I prefer them with Irish Whiskey or Canadian whisky. Putting my poor choices aside, when I drink High West Double Rye! Manhattan Finish Barrel 2934, I’m reminded of that sweet connection.

Also I’m not so much good at the…

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