Longrow 14 Fresh Sherry Springbank Society

Longrow 14 Fresh Sherry Springbank Society.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this dram.

The Springbank Society is an ancient order who dedicates themselves to the great old ones who happen to enjoy whisky and eventually will douse the world in madness.

That’s a lie based on a mixture of truth and a psychological horror genre that has grown in the last few years. You will not go insane by drinking this. Well, unless you drink too much of it.

Longrow 14 Fresh Sherry Springbank Society is a special bottling put out by the distillery.

We’ve had the many fun Longrow Red series. And it would seem that those bottles aren’t just a lark, but rather a lot of interesting background discussions that leak out every so often in the form of single cask bottlings.

In this case, we have an average aged offering from the peated side of the Springbank/Campbeltown group. It’s known for it’s funk…

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