anCnoc 1975

anCnoc 1975 1.jpg

Going to do an everyday malt today.

Oh, wait, I’ve reviewed all of those, and thus have trouble connecting with your average Scotch drinker and therefore dig myself deeper and deeper.

Fuck that, I’m balla.

So today we’re doing a special malt. In the year of 2014, we were all happier. Well, some of us were. Actually, given how the economy was going… Alright, we all had multiple thoughts like the adults we are.

anCnoc 1975 3.jpg

None the less, those wacky distillers at Knockdhu released something special. Not only the peated anCnoc, which came with mixed results and were a callback to how things used to be done, but also anCnoc 1975. Yeah, a 39 year old dram from a distillery that (so far, based on my reviews) works well as the age increases.

“But TOModera”, I hear you say, “Isn’t that all whisky?”

No! Some of them just can’t handle…

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