Lochside 49 1967 Cooper’s Choice

Lochside 49 1967 Coopers Choice 1.jpg

Recently it was asked why, oh why, hadn’t I, TOModera, drank a Lochside.

And the answer is I’m busy and this liver needs to last at least another 40 years. Sweet Merciful mother of Bong hits people, I can’t do everything.

Not for a lack of trying, mind you.

So I tried one. And it’s nice to finally be trying another Lochside. But who is Lochside, really? Is there a piece of Lochside in us all?

Not really. It’s a place.

Lochside has quite the complicated past. They were rebuilt in 1957 from a brewery by Macnab Distilleries. They had both a Coffey still and a pot still. Then the Coffey still said bye bye in 1973. A year after Allied Distillers bought them. Then it closed down in 1992. Then they waited for permission to tear it down, and then it burned down in 2004.

I know what you’re…

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