Balblair 2005 / Old Pulteney Navigator / 25 year old / 1983 Single Cask

Old Pulteney Tasting 1.jpg

I’d like to thank Old Pulteney/Balblair/AnCnoc and Woodman Wine and Spirits for inviting me to a special tasting with the Old Pulteney distillery manager Malcolm Waring and the global brand ambassador Gordon Stevenson, for running the tasting. While I was invited by them, the following notes are my own, with my own scores.

To try and tell some of the stories in the same way that Malcolm Waring does, in print, without his dulcet Scottish brogue would be akin to attempting to explain the music of Ozzy Osbourne through growing pea pods. Sure, it may explain some things, however I don’t think it’ll come across correctly.

As part of this tasting, based on the above picture, we were able to sample quite a few of the distilleries that make up InBev’s lineup. I’ve reviewed some of these in the past, oddly enough with Gordon Stevenson recently. Feel free to check…

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