Auchentoshan Bartender’s Malt 2017

Auchentoshan Bartenders Malt 2017 2.jpg

Auchentoshan. A company that, when I bring it up around whisky fans, has different results.

A lot of whisky fans, of whom I sometimes crawl out of my hole and talk to, haven’t had a lot of Auchentoshan. They had the 12, or the new American wood, or some one that was an entry malt, and left it at that.

That’s okay. We’ve all had those moments. We try the entry, it isn’t for us, we have a finite amount of time/money, other places don’t have the upgrades, blah.

However I, on the other hand, tried Auchentoshan, and thought… hmmm, that’s the entry malt. I wouldn’t never drive a Viper after driving a Neon, even though the same company builds both (feel free to rant about cars below, I’m completely lost on cars). So I kept trying Auchentoshan. And I started enjoying certain versions, particularly those that were high alcohol…

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