Glenglassaugh 40 1975 Massandra Finish

Glenglassaugh 1975 1.jpg

f I said “Massandra Madeira” to you, some of you would identify it as wine. Others would wonder if that was the cool girl you had a crush on in elementary/primary school when you were young due to her interesting Mediterranean looks. Still others would wonder why we don’t identify all Madeira that’s used, like we do with most sherry finishes.

Glenglassaugh 40 1975 Massandra Finish is not a sentence about said crush drinking the rest of your 40 year old Scotch without proper grammar. Me do better in English than that, yup.

No, in fact Massandra Madeira is Madeira wine that is from The Ukraine, specifically a place called Crimea. If you haven’t been hearing about it, may I introduce you to “the news” and “the rest of the world”. The winery is named Massandra, and is one of the oldest in Crimea. They just started flowing back out…

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