Akashi White Oak Blend


I’d like to thank BarleyMania for this bottle, which was brought over by a friend of mine who happened to be in Germany at that time.

Japanese whisky. A simplistic google search will show that it is gold that flows from the Heavens, given to us by Kami-no-Kaze, sprinkled down into the minds of genius makers who truly have taken the reins from Scotland when it comes to Single Malt, and for some, whisky in the world in general.

The truth, it would seem, is far different than the above fiction which bubbles up from the taters of the world.

Today I’ll be reviewing Akashi White Oak Blend, a Japanese blend of grain and malt. It’s made by Eigashima distillery, who started making whisky in 1984. They made blended whisky until 2007, which they then started making single malt. They age the whisky for a minimum of three years…

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