Bruichladdich Octomore 10 Second Edition, OBA/C_0.1, 4.2 Comus

Thanks to /u/CatharticIntent , & /u/scotchable for these samples

Bruichladdich Octomore is an odd duck. First off: No feathers. Most ducks have feathers. Second off, I’ve used this joke a few too many times.

In any other situation, a niche product that was meant to take a record would have been a one time product. Think of prototype cars: You don’t end up hearing many iterations of them. You’d hear cool stuff, it sounds like a car you’d want to drive, it probably doesn’t work, there’s no version two, and I don’t end up with a Volkswagen Batmobile that gets 1L / 100 km.

However they didn’t just bring out Octomore and be done with it. Honestly, no one has come close. Yes Octomore keeps getting peatier, older, younger, mixed, quadruple distilled, wine finished, virgin oak matured, and more.

Frankly I’m surprised.

That’s my way of saying I ended up…

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