Teaninich 32 1983 Adelphi

Teaninich 32 1983 Adelphi 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this sample.

I haven’t had many Teaninich. The distillery has no official bottling, just Flora & Fauna and UD Rare Malt releases. It’s owned by Diageo since 1933, and was even mothballed from 1985 and 1991. Thus someone had to tell them that the Cold War ended.

Other than that, Teaninich was known for having an “A” side and a “B” side. The “B” side was shut down in the 80s and then eventually completely decommissioned in the late 90s.

Teaninich 32 1983 Adelphi 3.jpgTeaninich 32 1983 Adelphi is old enough that it could have been made on the old side. However probably not, as the last time the old side was used was in the 1970s to ensure that the new side could create the same distillate as the old side.

The past Teaninich’s I’ve had were young. What does an old one taste like? Let’s see, shall…

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