Kilkerran 12

Kilkerran 12.jpg

As part of the Toronto Whisky Society end of year celebration, we ended up with a few whiskies to share. 2017 was a great year for us.

Thus I don’t actually remember who brought this or the next couple reviews, but thank you! And feel free to add a username for me to thank below!

For the past 12 years we, the whisky drinking public, have been waiting for the Glengyle distillery to release a whisky that didn’t have the name “Work in Progress” on it. Some had a lot of fun buying up each of these releases, comparing the sherry versions to the ex-bourbon, and waiting to see when it was ready.

And luckily, after 12 years, the first core release of single malt scotch was released: Kilkerran 12. It is lightly peated, non-chill filtered, and uses 70% ex-bourbon casks and 30% Sherry casks. Turns out trying those…

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