Jameson Cooper’s Croze

Jameson Cooper Croze.jpg

As part of the Toronto Whisky Society end of year celebration, we ended up with a few whiskies to share. 2017 was a great year for us.

Thus I don’t actually remember who brought this or the last or next review, but thank you! And feel free to add a username for me to thank below!

Jameson brought out The Whiskey Maker series a this past year. Of them Jameson Cooper’s Croze was created to highlight cask types: In using virgin oak, ex-bourbon barrels, and sherry casks, they switched things up on the standard Jameson, which typically doesn’t have virgin oak involved.

I’m also going to assume there’s different levels of grain/malt whiskey used as well. Also they were selected by head cooper Ger Buckley, who I assume did things differently then the blender. Unless they somehow share a mental bond and can see through time. Or it was written…

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