Miltonduff 13 Old Masters Cask Strength Collection

Miltonduff 13 Old Masters.jpg

Thanks to the Museum Tavern for a great lunch and having a great scotch selection.

We’re out for my mom’s Xmas gift, a visit to the ROM to see the Christian Dior exhibit. As a male who has no issue with his feminine side, I of course needed to balance out the day of critiquing women’s clothes by having a manly dram.

Or I was going to order whisky anyway, the tavern we ended up with has a great list, and I’m doing it all for comedic effect, and then being extremely blunt to continue that due to the overuse of sarcasm in this day and age that can be viewed as straight talk.

Where was I? I’m an aged fool or something?

I haven’t had any Miltonduff before. The distillery is not mothballed or locked away. They are owned by Pernod Ricard, so there’s a chance you see them…

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