Girvan SMWS G7.10 “The Texan tea party”

Girvan SMWS G7.10 1.jpg

Thanks to /u/twiddleDD for the sample

Introducing a new series that I’m calling “Scotch Malts, Wife’s Selection”, in which my wife goes through my backlog of SMWS samples that I haven’t reviewed yet, pours them blind, and then I review it blind.

Girvan represents an interesting whisky for me. First off, it’s a single grain whisky. I’ve always enjoyed single grain whiskies because of the age statements required to make them tasty. Let me explain:

If you want a good single grain whisky, it needs to be at least 30 years old. Yes, there are some out there in the 20 year range, however for me, it’s usually 30+ years old. Guess I just prefer them mature.

How did I make that sound creepy? Jeez, I gotta work on my phrasing.

Anyway I enjoy the idea that a whisky can be 30+ years old and still accessible to most…

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