Old Pulteney 15 2002 Single Cask

Old Pulteney 15 2002 Single Cask.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile and /u/throzen for the sample.

I think it’s easy to say that 2017, for all it’s hiccups and odd points and generally signalling the descent of the Western world, I can say that I spent more time enjoying Old Pulteney in general.

So for all of you either dying to climate change, lower economies that favour the ultra rich and eat away at the middle class, or generally don’t have any way to heal yourself and your family, don’t worry: I found a distillery that I enjoyed more.

If you can’t tell, that last part is sarcasm and I’m personally screaming out at the world. However the written word is so poor at conveying that. Or at least my written word.

None the less, let’s look on the bright side: I get to try a new single cask of Old Pulteney! This one was picked up by…

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