Ardmore 12 Port Wood Finish

Ardmore 12 Port Cask Finish 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/shane_il for the sample.

Been meaning to get to this one for awhile. Especially with all of the IB Ardmore’s I’ve been having and my love of their old method of peating being a nice dedication to how they used to be.

Ardmore 12 Port Cask Finish 3.jpgArdmore 12 Port Wood Finish was added in 2015 as part of the core range. Why? Probably because of the amount of people going literally insane for peat and port mixed together. I’m using literally there in the way that writers have used for over a century, so blame Mary Shelly on that one.

Is this fully matured in ex-port pipes? No! First it was put into ex-bourbon for 12 years, and then finished in half port pipes. Which I assume are like half pipes in snowboarding. But you shouldn’t. You should know they are smaller ones that allow for more wood contact and quicker aging.

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