Knob Creek 25th Anniversary

Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing this sample with me. Anniversaries are an interesting thing. In theory we shouldn’t give a rat’s puckered butt about how long anyone has been doing something unless we know them. However time and time again people celebrate anniversaries that they have little invested in. I think it’s part of the human experience. We know that doing something for a long time is… Continue reading Knob Creek 25th Anniversary

Collectivum XXVIII (Mystery)

Thanks to /u/xile_ for the sample. In recent history we say the definition of a blended malt and a blend get blurry. And the amount of times I’ve had to explain it has now gotten to a point where I’m considering commissions of a tattoos on my body to make it easier and save me time. Thus when poured a sample of Collectivum XXVIII completely blind, getting it incorrect… Continue reading Collectivum XXVIII (Mystery)

Old Pulteney 15 2002 Single Cask

Thanks to /u/xile and /u/throzen for the sample. I think it’s easy to say that 2017, for all it’s hiccups and odd points and generally signalling the descent of the Western world, I can say that I spent more time enjoying Old Pulteney in general. So for all of you either dying to climate change, lower economies that favour the ultra rich and eat away at the middle class,… Continue reading Old Pulteney 15 2002 Single Cask

Glen Garioch 16: The Renaissance – Chapter II

Glen Garioch used to peat their whisky. Actually, if we look at the history of Glen Garioch, they’ve had quite a few left turns in their whiskies. Which isn’t a surprise, really, for a whisky that’s been made since 1797. It is surprising because Glen Garioch was an important ingredient in Vat 69 in the late 19th century. At some point (I couldn’t find anywhere… Continue reading Glen Garioch 16: The Renaissance – Chapter II

William Larue Weller (2014)

Thanks to /u/devoz for the sample. So we’re at a tasting. And I’m told that the next one is William Larue Weller (2014). And like any other reviewer in my shoes, I reacted appropriately. “Well shit.” You see, the last time I reviewed a William Larue Weller, I thought it was pretty good. And because I didn’t immediately collapse from happiness and give up all other whiskies, I… Continue reading William Larue Weller (2014)

Mac Albert

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for this mystery sample. As a break from getting through some of my whisky samples, I was offered a mystery sample before a whisky tasting. You know, to relax. So he poured myself and /u/devoz a mystery dram of Mac Albert whisky. This whisky is imported from Scotland to the Dominican Republic, where it’s blended with local matured spirit. Does that mean it’s a Scotch? Not by any… Continue reading Mac Albert