Three Regional Irish Whiskies (Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare)

Triple Irish 1.jpg

My wife has requested that she and I try more Irish whiskey. After making sure she’s not been replaced by a pod person or some sort of fairy that switched her out while in Ireland, I agreed. Thus we have a new, not so often series I’m calling “Irish for more whiskey”.

To start off this great series, my wife has recorded us reviewing the whisky. Below is a general idea of what we talk about, however if you want to hear our voices to really get in the moment, feel free to listen.

In the Celtic Whisky Shop in Dublin, of which we visited on this most recent trip. And while I was doing the whisky nerd thing, enjoying being around alcohol retail workers who know their stuff and aren’t setup as the Walmart of alcohol (looking at you LCBO), my wife found their collection of minis that cover…

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