Aultmore SMWS 73.64 “Any time can be Xmas”

SMWS 73.64.jpg

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for bringing this to the end of year tasting.

It’s an odd moment for someone to offer you an Aultmore. And not because it’s similar to a Brora, or Port Ellen, or even a St. Magdalene.

No, it’s an odd moment because frankly it’s not something you see too often.

As such, when we reached Aultmore SMWS 73.64 “Any time can be Xmas” at our end of year tasting, around the Xmas season, I didn’t think much of it. At most I thought “What an appropriate time of year to have this.”

What I didn’t realize was part of the reason I haven’t had many Aultmores is they are owned by Bacardi-Dewar’s and used in their blends.

So somehow this poor butt (teeheehee) ended up sitting around the warehouse, waiting to be mixed in something high end, only to end up being “not quite what the blenders…

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