Mortlach SMWS 76.122 “Complex, smooth and elegant”

SMWS 76.122.jpg

Thanks to /u/lasidar for bringing this bottle to the end of year sample.

Old as heck Mortlach is something I talk about quite a bit. And if I may repeat myself: Some distilleries make a product that needs time, some make one that needs to be cask strength, some need that cask influence (typically sherry), and some need some combination of the above.

Mortlach is one of those that, in my opinion at least, needs time and cask strength. Thus when I have the chance to try a 27 year old one that’s cask strength and single cask, Mortlach SMWS 76.122 “Complex, smooth and elegant” gets poured and I’m happy as a pig in plop.

But how does it taste? I go into this excited, but could I be incorrect? Me, a serial reviewer who people love to point out how wrong I am, wrong again?

Let’s see how it…

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