Laphroaig 18 1987 Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask

Laphroaig 18 1987 Old Malt Cask

Thanks to /u/Devoz for sharing a dram of this with me.

Second and last IB of the Laphroaig of my current series, “To Quaff a Laphroaig”. We all had Laphroaigs, we all had time, we opened them up, and then drank them. Not at once though, because that would be silly.

If you saw my last review, you’ll see I discussed a Laphroaig that was 18 years old from the independent bottler Douglas Laing in the Old Malt Cask series.

The last review was bottled 10 years ago, and this one was bottled 12 years ago. And before you ask, yes, the cork was super screwed, like a happy quarterback in Las Vegas after winning the Superbowl, assuming everyone is consenting adults, enjoying themselves, not coerced into anything, and it doesn’t lead to any issues for said quarterback.

But enough about the current state of the world when it comes to orgies: We’re reviewing Laphroaig 18 1987 Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask.

“But TOModera,” I hear you say, in my head, because I missed my medication, “You just did 2 other Laphroaig 18 year old whiskies. Why should this one be different?”

Well it’s a single cask, aged in a different time, not vatted like the OB 18, and aged in a refill ex-sherry butt versus the last one which was ex-bourbon.

So that’s why.

So let’s see how a few years off, a different type of cask, and perhaps different years have on the dram.

(Hint: it’s going to be a lot).

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