Elements of Islay Peat Blend Full Proof

Elements of Islay Peat Blend

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this whisky with me.

So we’ve now had all of the different Laphroaigs. And we’ve enjoyed them, each in our own way. So how do we finish things?

Another Laphroaig? That’s silly. No, we need a blended malt made up of only Islays. That’s closer. Either that or release a bull and some rodeo clowns and perhaps play the bongos. Either one is how you finish a Laphroaig tasting.

Since we were fresh out of bongos, Elements of Islay Peat Blend Full Proof was what we ended up with. This blended malt has been around the block a bit, and is quite enjoyed by a few whisky nerds.

However in order to ensure I’m bias free, and also because I spend enough time learning accounting practices, curling methods, and pen and paper RPGs, I didn’t know anything about it.

So let’s see how I enjoyed this, shall we?

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